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Kyrgyzstan working on roadmap for development of TB care service until 2025

Kyrgyzstan working on roadmap for development of TB care service until 2025

Preparation of the roadmap for further development of TB care until 2025 is ongoing in Kyrgyzstan, the Health Ministry of Kyrgyzstan said.

The document is targeted at creation of patient-oriented model of TB care service and sets the tasks of restructuring of the network of TB centers for effective provision of quality services, to improve access to safe services, to improve services of laboratories.

“Kyrgyzstan has 26 TB centers for 2,605 patients in total. The existing TB care system in the country is ineffective,” Health Ministry's representatives said at the meeting of managers of medical facilities and coordinators on TB care held on May 25-26 in Bishkek.

The participants of the meeting discussed optimization of services of laboratory diagnostics of tuberculosis in connection with planned reduction of microscope laboratories by the Health Ministry and National TB Center.

Introduction of Xpert MTB/RIF diagnostics and broad access to such tests was discussed by specialists among other issues.

The Xpert MTB/RIF is a cartridge based nucleic acid amplification test, automated diagnostic test that can identify Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) DNA and resistance to rifampicin (RIF) by nucleic acid amplification test. The Xpert MTB/RIF test exhibits high sensitivity and specificity for detecting pulmonary TB disease.

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