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Results of the EU Tempus project TuCAHEA will be discussed in Bishkek

TuCAHEA’s Fifth and Final Plenary Conference and Working Meeting will be held in Bishkek on 27 – 28 November 2015. The conference will be organized by the Kyrgyz Country Coordinator, Rahat Bekboeva, and hosted by the International University of Kyrgyzstan. The ‘Core Group’, or Coordinating Committee, will meet before and after the plenary activities, on 26 and 29 November 2015, in order to fine-tune the plenary and working sessions and to evaluate the results and prepare the follow-up.

The Fifth Conference will have a full agenda: Preparation for Publication in English and Russian of the Reference Points and Guidelines for the eight TuCAHEA Subject Area Groups (in Business, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Protection and Food Safety, History, Language and Law), the evaluation of the Pilot student mobility in the Central Asian Region and the presentation of the Report (in English and Russian) on the mobility ), evaluation and preparation for participation in Erasmus+, finalisation of the TuCAHEA proposal for a Central Asian Credit Reference System.

On the morning of 27 November 2015, there will be a public opening session, in which the achievements of TuCAHEA will be presented, and the goals still to be reached, including dissemination of our final products and sustainability, will be illustrated.

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