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Kyrgyzstan to host exhibition of pharmaceutical companies of India

Leadership of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Kyrgyz Republic met with the Indian Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic Jayant Namdeorao Khobragade on January 30.

According to the press service of the Chamber of Commerce, during the meeting the Ambassador informed about the intentions of about 50 pharmaceutical companies of India to hold an exhibition in Bishkek in March this year with the purpose to familiarize the Kyrgyz partners with the potential of the Indian pharmaceutical industry, as well as to discuss the organization of joint production. The Ambassador noted that for the planned exhibition they need assistance of the Chamber of Commerce, which is a permanent coordinator and main organizer of exhibitions and fairs in the country.

In turn, the adviser to the president of CCI KR Boris Perfilyev emphasized that CCI will render all possible assistance in conducting an exhibition of pharmaceutical companies of India in Bishkek. He expressed confidence that the exhibition will provide an opportunity for the exchange of information and experience, advanced developments in the field of pharmaceuticals, as well as open up new horizons for cooperation of drug manufacturers between the two countries.

The meeting also noted the revitalization of the "Kyrgyz-Indian" and "Indo-Kyrgyz" Business Council, created on the initiative of the Kyrgyz Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce.

Concluding the meeting, both sides expressed confidence that the opening of direct air flights Bishkek - Delhi - Bishkek in February 2015 will facilitate issues related to logistics and will be an additional incentive for the business community to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

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