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Bishkek to present editing program for creation of e-textbooks

Bishkek to present editing program for creation of e-textbooks

Presentation of the first ever Kyrgyzstan's editing program to create e-textbooks will take place on November 12 in Bishkek, according to the Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan.

The meeting is expected to introduce a pilot electronic textbook on the Kyrgyz language for the 7th grade prepared with the assistance of the program.

“Its development attracted textbook authors, teachers and software developers of the IT Attractor Public Fund. The first test of the textbook was carried out on the basis of the 12th school to learn the feedback from teachers and pupils,” the statement said.

The presentation will also demonstrate the technology itself to create free electronic textbooks that allows one to quickly create their own textbooks without appealing to software developers.

Basic requirements for electronic books and software products will be discussed during the meeting as well.

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