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Kyrgyz soms is one of the stable currencies on CIS territory - National bank

Kyrgyz som is one of the stable currencies among commonwealth of independent states. Head of monetary policy department of National bank of KR Raushan Seitkasymova informed at a seminar called «National bank of KR: functions, mission» on Friday.

«Som - is one of the stable currencies, and it can be proved with facts and figures», - said she.

She instanced a cumulative change of currencies to dollar since 2013. So, before the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2013 there was stability of som and tenge against rouble fluctuation. Later there happened devaluation of rouble and fall of tenge rate. Som also had flactuations but some interventions were made to fix its rate and this summer the rate has been stable.

«Som was more stable against rouble and tenge. Although our rate is floating and theirs is fixed which raises questions. Though Russia is shifting to a floating rate, doing less interventions, I think, Kazakstan will also transfer to this. Som has nothing to fear, because it is weathered», - she noted.

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