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Kyrgyzstan’s score in World Press Freedom Index sharply declines

Kyrgyzstan’s score in World Press Freedom Index sharply declines

Kyrgyzstan showed the sharpest decline in its score in the World Press Freedom Index by the international non-governmental organization Reporters Without Borders. The data was published on the organization's website.

For the year, Kyrgyzstan dropped from the 89th to the 98th place. Reporters Without Borders explained this by the persecution of the media, including "astronomic fines for insulting the head of state."

Uzbekistan climbed four points up and took the 165th place. Kazakhstan dropped from the 157th place to 158th place. The positions of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan since 2017 have not changed: the 149th and 178th places respectively. Only Eritrea and North Korea have worse press freedom scores compared to Turkmenistan.

The ranking includes 180 states. The situation of the media, according to the organization, has worsened in 42 percent of countries, including a number of EU states.

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