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Isakov about termination of contract with Huawei

Isakov about termination of contract with Huawei

Three parliamentary factions Respublika Ata-Jurt, Onuguu-Progress and Ata-Meken at a joint extraordinary meeting heard the report of Prime Minister Sapar Isakov on the work of the government for 2017. The meeting is held under the chairmanship of leader of Onugu-Progress faction Bakyt Torobayev.

Deputies asked why the government terminated the contract with the Chinese company Huawei, which was supposed to implement the Smart City project.

Isakov replied that he personally took the decision to terminate the agreement with Huawei and took responsibility for himself. "We can implement the Smart City project ourselves and the project has already begun and there are first results," the prime minister added.

Earlier it was reported that in Bishkek, CCTV cameras were installed on intersection of several streets.

A few days earlier Sapar Isakov at the presentation and launch of the Smart City project in test mode told that for three days, the camera recorded 10.5 thousand violations of traffic rules.

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