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Feature film based on Chyngyz Aitmatov’s work to be shot in Uzbekistan

Feature film based on Chyngyz Aitmatov’s work to be shot in Uzbekistan

Uzbekkino national agency concluded an agreement with Dan producer center of Kyrgyzstan about joint filming of the film "Sarvkomat dilbarim" based on Chyngyz Aitmatov's work "My top-top in a red kerchief", UzA news agency reported.

This project is being implemented as part of the celebration of the 90th anniversary of great Kyrgyz writer Chyngyz Aitmatov in Uzbekistan.

The Uzbek people love Chyngyz Aitmatov not only as a famous writer, but also a close friend of the Uzbek people. They well remember the following words of Aitmatov: "What the centuries-old Uzbek culture has done for the peoples of Central Asia - this can be compared with the influence of Byzantium on Ancient Rus."

Recall that Uzbek leader Shavkat Mirziyoyev brought as a gift to the President and the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan a collection of Chyngyz Aitmatov in Uzbek. "I read a lot of Aitmatov's books, 27 works of Aitmatov were translated into Uzbek. I want to give you this book. Aitmatov did a lot to ensure that we had a basis, and we must continue this, "the Uzbek leader said.

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