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Flowers and lots of gifts presented for women drivers

Flowers and lots of gifts presented for women drivers

Employees of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (NHTS MIA) of the Kyrgyz Republic congratulated women drivers on upcoming the 8th of March, International Women's Day in Bishkek today.

Inspectors led by Kanat Djumagaziev, Head of the NHTS MIA of the Kyrgyz Republic made a pleasant surprise to women drivers by presenting flowers and gift packages.

Djumagaziev said that such campaigns are held in the country every year. Its purpose is to congratulate beloved mothers, sisters, wives with the International Women's Day, to please and wish them the warmest words. In addition, he stressed that very few women violate the rules of the road.

Women drivers are congratulated today not only in the capital, but also in other cities and regions, Head of the press service of the NHTS MIA Nurbek Toktosunov said.

Diaspora of Kyrgyzstanis in China, the Public Association Patriot KG also contributed to this Holiday campaign by presenting their memorable presents that indisputably made happy the women drivers on this day.

“We wanted to make our women happy by paying an attention to them, this is not a big gift, but it is pleasant. We would like wish that every driver follows the traffic rules, carefully drives and it does not matter who is driving, be it a woman, be it a man. This is not our first campaign and not the last one. We are not going to stop on this. In recent times a lot of road accidents have occurred in the country, so people need to be encouraged,” Co-founder of Patriot KG Ulan Talaybekov said.

All the women who were stopped by traffic policemen with representatives of Patriot KG were pleasantly surprised for their attention before March 8. Each woman expressed gratitude.

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