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Foreigners were demonstrated how to prepare kymyz on jailoo

Foreigners were demonstrated how to prepare kymyz on jailoo

Experts in the field of agriculture from Hungary and Italy tried kymyz (national drink made of mare’s milk) for the first time at a seminar for farmers, which was held on jailoo on Suusamyr Valley of Chui oblast.

The seminar was attended by invited experts from Europe who shared their experience of keeping farm.

The guests were offered to try fresh and natural kymyz and told about the way of its preparing and demonstrated it. They liked this fermented milk product.

Kymyz is a fermented drink from mare’s milk, prepared as a result of lactic acid and alcohol fermentation with the help of Bulgarian and acidophilic lactobacilli and yeast.

The seminar was held for farmers from different oblasts of the country to inform them about proper use of pasture resources. Farmers and sheep breeders discussed the most important issues of livestock and farming in general. One of the topical issues of discussion was pasture problem.

The seminar was organized by Kyrgyz association of sheep breeders together with foreign experts from Hungary, Italy and also Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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