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Extremists may infiltrate into CIS from Afghanistan — Kyrgyz general staff chief

Afghan extremist groups may make attempts to infiltrate into the neighboring countries - members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) assembling former Soviet republics - in the spring and summer, Chief of Kyrgyzstan’s Armed Forces’ General Staff Zhanybek Kaparov said at the 5th Moscow International Security Conference on Wednesday.

"We can assume that since the beginning of spring and summer the situation in the designated region would be unfolding under the following scenario," Kaparov said. "Combatants will make real attempts to seize Afghanistan’s northern regions. The Afghan national army and police would carry out a sweeping operation to clear the northern regions and this could lead to infiltration of militants into the territories of neighboring states."

Gunmen coming from Central Asia do not give up intentions to create hotspots on instability within their home countries, he said.

Also, Tajikistan’s Deputy Defense Minister Abdulgoshim Gulumzoda and head of the Russian Federation Council’s foreign affairs committee Konstantin Kosachev took part in the discussion devoted to security in Central Asia.


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