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Kyrgyz nationals attend UN recruitment examination

Kyrgyz nationals attend UN recruitment examination

Bishkek hosted on December 15 the UN recruitment examination, the Diplomatic Academy under the Foreign Ministry said.

Examination was held as part of the Young Professionals Programme (YPP) of the United Nations. It was attended by 60 citizens of Kyrgyzstan of total 79 applications.

The written examination results will be announced in May 2016 and the successful contestants will be interviewed by the UN Secretariat.

Applicants will be selected upon the interview results to the positions in the United Nations on the level P-1 and P-2.

They will remain in the register for 2 years.

The Young Professionals Programme is a recruitment initiative for talented, highly qualified professionals to start a career as an international civil servant with the United Nations Secretariat. It consists of an entrance examination and professional development programmes once successful candidates start their career with the UN.

The YPP examination is held once a year.

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