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Tourism Department wants to increase tourism's share in GDP to 5%

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Information intends to increase the share of tourism sector in GDP to at least 5%, Director of the Tourism Department Maksat Chakiyev said on April 15 at the meeting to discuss development of the sector in 2015-2017.

Thus, the program for tourism development plans to increase the annual number of tourists by 150 thousand people.

Today, Kyrgyzstan faces problems in qualification of guides and hotel reception staff since owners hire their friends for these positions.

“We want to introduce certain standards to make them more professional and responsible,” Chakiyev noticed.

He also mentioned the problem of hotel rating. For example, there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses in Bishkek, and their owners rate themselves as they want.

“We want [to introduce a rating system] in a tripartite manner: the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Information, tourism associations and local authorities will work on awarding the stars to hotels,” the official said.

Issues related to environment, forests and parks were studied too.

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