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00 km of roads to be reconstructed in Bishkek

A bill on ratification of the protocol between the government of Kyrgyzstan and the government of China on the implementation of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads in Bishkek was approved on December 10 during the meeting of the Parliament.

“We approved the law and soon all the documents will be transferred to Chinese side, then China will provide us with a list of recommended companies to participate in the tender. In spring we plan to begin roads reconstruction," mayor of Bishkek Kubanichbek Kulmatov said.

Financing of the project is not a problem, according to the mayor. There is an agreement that Kyrgyz municipality will fund the project.

"If we start reconstruction of 100 km of roads at the same time, the city will be paralyzed. Therefore, we consider working at different points of the city, so we can control the process. The work is planned to be finished in 1.5-2 years," he said.

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