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Some mountainous areas of Kyrgyzstan avalanche-prone

The mountainous areas of Kyrgyzstan are avalanche-prone due to past precipitations, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reports.

Moreover, snow drifts and slippery surfaces are expected on the mountain roads of Kyrgyzstan, including, Bishkek – Osh (121-137 km, 198-265 km); Myrzake – Kara-Kulja – Alai-Kuu (45-90 km, 145-150 km); Karakol – Enilchek (45-90 km); Ala-Buka – Kanysh-Kiya (60-100 km).

When driving through the avalanche-prone areas, one should strictly observe the 500-meter distance between vehicles, the Ministry warned.

Meanwhile, road services have cleared certain areas of the Bishkek – Osh road covered by avalanches on the eve.

Avalanches of approximately 1,000 cubic meters covered the road segments on December 7 at 3.00 pm on the 133rd (Too-Ashu Pass) and 198th kilometers (Ala-Bel Pass). Snow mass blocked the movement of vehicles.

Snow was cleared by 9.30 pm, and the traffic was resumed.

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