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Prosecutor's office launches criminal probe against 8 policemen of Kadamjai district

Prosecutor's office launched a criminal probe against eight police officers of Kadamjai district in Batken region, a source in the law enforcement agencies told Turmush.

The probe was particularly launched into criminal complicity, abuse of power and tortures in line with the Criminal Code of Kyrgyzstan at request of a resident of Kadamjai district, 25, who was earlier arrested on suspicion of murdering a woman.

On December 4, some 60 locals held a peaceful rally in front of the police department's building, claiming that purposeful activities to justify the 25-year old man are being conducted. They noted that trials were postponed several times for unknown reasons.

The rally participants demanded adoption of a just decision on the murder of the woman that had occurred in March 2014 in the village of Uch-Korgon.

The investigation revealed that the woman was inflicted 11 strikes with an iron pipe to the head after she was raped. Her cell phone was found in the house of the suspect, who later confessed to committing the crime.

In July, relatives of the detainee stated that law enforcement officers forced the man to confess the crime and decided to change their lawyer.

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