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2015 public budget provides additional 2.8 mln som for travel expenses of sportspeople

Vice Prime Minister for Social Affairs of Kyrgyzstan Elvira Sariyeva said that the public budget for 2015 provides additional 2.8 million som ($48.6 thousand) for travel expenses of sportspeople, according to the plenary session of the Parliament.

MP Cholpon Sultanbekova, meanwhile, expressed dissatisfaction with delays in issuance of travel expenses for sportspeople.

Timely allotment of these funds would allow the State Agency of Physical Culture and Sports to buy tickets in advance at cheaper prices that would allow, in turn, to save public funds, she said.

“I admit that delays in allotment of funds do exist but they are related to objective reasons. In the first half of the year, we may face problems with the resource part of the budget,” Finance Minister Olga Lavrova responded.

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