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Medical workers call on population to avoid self-treatment, traditional medicine in especially severe cases

Chief of the Department of Surgery at the Bishkek City Clinical Hospital, Professor Akylbek Musayev called on the population of Kyrgyzstan to avoid self-treatment and traditional medicine in severe cases.

He exampled a patient who appealed to the Department of Surgery with complaints of pain and a feeling of fullness in the right upper quadrant three years ago.

“The ultrasound investigation of the woman's abdomen found an echinococcal cyst in the liver, and the surgery was suggested. The patient refused the surgery and asked for help from traditional healers,” Professor Musayev noticed.

“Periodical ultrasound investigation of the liver used to detect that the cyst is gradually increasing. For three years, the parasite “ate” two-thirds of the liver and forced the patient to appeal to the hospital again due to deterioration in the condition,” he went on.

The Department of Surgery performed an operation to remove the struck liver along with the gall bladder.

If the patient was operated three years ago without appealing to healers, smaller operation would be performed, which would not lead to complications.

“If there is an indication for surgery, do not delay its performance,” the surgeon added.

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