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Sariev discussed with Vice President of the Chinese company Kyrgyzstan-China gas pipeline construction

Minister of Economy of Kyrgyzstan Temir Sariev on October 28, 2014 held a meeting with the delegation headed by vice president of Trans-Asia Gas Pipeline Company Limited CNPC (China) Meng Fanchun.

During the meeting they discussed the signing of an investment agreement between the Government of the KR and Trans-Kyrgyz Gas Pipeline Company Limited, the land plot for construction of unit of gas, management of gas transportation and accommodation camp, review and approval of project documentation, construction of central control station in Bishkek.

Mr. Fanchun informed the Minister on the progress of construction of the pipeline.

Sariev stressed that that this project is one of the largest investment projects in the history of Kyrgyzstan. For its implementation about $ 1.5 billion will be required. According to preliminary calculations, Kyrgyzstan will receive for the transit of gas over $ 2 billion in the period of operation of the pipeline for 35 years.

The Kyrgyz Minister said that in implementation of the project its necessary to observe rules of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic. In turn, the Ministry will provide all possible assistance in implementation of the project.

Construction of Kyrgyzstan-China gas pipeline is to implemented in accordance with the Agreement between the Governments of Kyrgyzstan and China on cooperation in construction and operation of the pipeline "Kyrgyzstan-China", signed in the framework of the state visit of President Xi Jinping to the Kyrgyz Republic on 10-13 September 2013.

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