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500 kyrgyz citizens serving their prison terms in Sverdlovskaya oblast

Penitentiary establishments of Sverdlovskaya oblast host 500 kyrgyzstanis. The consul general of Kyrgyzstan in Ekaterinburg Tolonbay Kojobaev told at a parliament committee on international affairs Monday.

«Consulate employees have visited within two years 30 prisons and met with 200 kyrgyz citizens. Most of them ask to be extradited to Kyrgyzstan, so that they could serve the rest of their terms in Kyrgyzstan. Extradition of prisoners is not in our authority, we are wiring official letters on concrete cases to the General Prosecutor's office», - said T.Kojobaev.

The other problem faced by kyrgyzstanis, the envoy says, is a difficulty to get inquiries from state bodies of Kyrgyzstan for releasing on parole.

He noted the consulate directly turns to the punishment execution service so that they give inquiries in time.

Moreover, Kojobaev pointed, in two years in Ekaterinburg there were 343 deaths of Kyrgyz citizens.

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