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Kyrgyzstan opens World I Nomad Games

Today on 9 September, in Cholpon-Ata on the shore of Issik-Kul, World I Nomad Games are opening.

Kyrgyzstan is the first to hold World Nomad Games in its land, since it is a unique ethno-sports and tourist-oriented project initiated by the president of Kyrgyz Republic Almaz Atambaev and further propped up by Turkish Council.

Participating countries - Kyrgyz Republic, Turkey, Kazakstan, Azrbaidjan,Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Russian Federation, and countries of Arabic regions.

Teams comfirmed their participation from countries such as: Azerbaijan,Austria,Afghanistan, Belorussia, Brazil,Germany,Kazakstan, Lithuania,Mongolia, USA, Tajikistan, Turmenistan, Turkey,Uzbekistan, Sweden,South Korea and Russia, as well as Hungary and SAR. Over 350 sporstmen are expected to partake.

Openning ceremony will be held in Cholpon Ata hippodrome, which expects over 7 thousans spectators.

The World Nomad Games will be covered by 120 journalists from Kyrgyzstan, about 20 international media outlets, accredited in Kyrgyzstan, as well as about 80 intenational journalists.

Sportsmen are going to compete in 9 kinds of sports such as: kok-boru, toguzkorgool, Kyrgyzkurosh, Alysh, Oodarysh, At-Chabysh, Jorgo salysh, Kunanchabysh, Ordo, Kyzkuumai. Also they will compete in tyiynenmei,kulatuu,salbuuurun. Kyrgyzstan is represented by two teams for each kind of sport.

The town, which looks forward to receiving guests, located in Semenev pass in jailoo Kyrchyn. It has 150 yurts, power, parking, places for taking meal, and a sites for sports events.

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