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China to enlarge its purchase of agricultural products from Kyrgyzstan

China has intentions to increase its buying of agricultural products from Kyrgyzstan. The chairman of Transporters association of Kyrgyzstan Temirbek Shabdanaliev told KyrTAG on Thursday.

« Today, I arrived from Urumchi, where there had been a meeting on enlarging the cargo transportation, as well as representatives of Uzbekistan and Kazakstan took part in it. Discussions were about the export of our agricultural products and coal to China, which the later is in great need in PRC. Chinese output, in turn, will be exported not only to our market, but also to others, particularly to Kazakstan», - said T.Shabdanaliev

He says around 350-500 truckers work through posts «Torugart» and «Irkeshtam.

« We have not yet talked about volumes of output, but soon we await a delegation from China with whom we will discuss these issues. I can say, besides the trucks Kyrgyzstan has now, it can provide with additional 2 thousand units of vehicles», - he added.

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