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Majority coalition must assume responsibility to fire the government

The majority coalition in parliament should take responsibility and address the situation happening in the country and make the government to resign.

Member of parliament (MP) of Jogorku Kenesh from faction «Respublika» Kurmanbek Dyikanbaev shared his views with KyrTAG on Tuesday.

« Parliamentary majority coalition must address the situation occurring in the country», - noted the deputy.

He says, deputies at the session are intending to bring up a question before the government, and turn to members of majority coalition with requirements to address the situation arising in the country.

«The government reiterates all the time about macroeconomic indicators, but the people do not sense it», - stressed the «republican».

As the deputy said, population is dissatisfied with high prices for coal, and government is still not ready for the heating period.

«Today coal in Issyk Kul oblast costs 5 thousand soms, in Batken oblast it reaches 10 thousand soms, and government together with antimonopoly committee have not still regulated prices for coal», - he added.

Situation in the sphere of agriculture stays worse, too.

«Cattle breeders can not get hay ready for winter, inasmuch as it costs more than 200 soms per 1 pack, furthermore, yield is low due to drought», - he said.

It all happened, he says, because the government has not tackled the situation in time, instead of preserving water it directed it to neighboring countries.

«We suffer from lack water, no electricity, drought, nobody is responsible for all this», - he said with indignation.

The sphere of tourism has also many questions, which need to be quickly addressed, he said.

«Millions of tourists visited Issyk Kul this year, but akims of districts are unaware of how many toilets and garbage cans were put across the district, if we can not install even trash cans, then what tourism are we talking about?», - told he.

MPs are concerned, that government has not still implemented the decree of parliament on Kumtor.

«We gave assignment in spring, it is autumn now, but the government has not got the issue of Kumtor off ground», - he said.

As K. Dyikanbaev noted, given the current situation, deputies of opposition factions intend to call for the majority coalition to take up responsibility for the work of government.

«The parliament should also have accountability, because, it was majority coalition to appoint most heads of departments, governors and akims, let them be responsible, too», - he told.

«As a matter of fact, the government is drudging because the coalition changed just the head of government, and 90% of employees in cabinet of ministers remained the same, who are not ready to fundamental reforms. Therefore, the majority coalition should assume accountability and dismiss the government», - he concluded.

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