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Extreme poverty line decreases in Kyrgyzstan: Ministry of Social Development

Extreme poverty line in Kyrgyzstan has decreased from 4.6% to 2.8%, the press service of the Ministry of Social Development said Thursday.

In the cities, the extreme poverty line fell by 2.6%, in rural areas - 1.1%.

Last year, 159 thousand people in Kyrgyzstan lived in extreme poverty.

Since the beginning of the year, 14.3 thousand people received financial support from the Ministry in the form of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth.

The average size of benefits was 7.4 thousand soms.

The total amount of financial support made up to 119.3 million soms.

In addition, 1,602 citizens of Kyrgyzstan were reimbursed by funeral expenses.

The average size of this type of benefit equaled 3.5 thousand soms, in total - 6.7 million soms.

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