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Project promoting ethnic equality through creative action of youth starts in Kyrgyzstan

The project on promotion of ethnic equality and civic engagement through actions of creative youth has started in Kyrgyzstan, the Ministry of Culture reports.

The project is run by the NGOs “Youth Development Institute”, “YouthofOsh” with financial assistance of the European Union and DVVInternational and support of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of Kyrgyzstan.

Project organizers plan to attract around 500 representatives of youth of different social backgrounds from several regions of Kyrgyzstan aged 15-24 years and to bring them together in 25 thematic groups (graffiti artists, rappers, photographers, organizers of flash mobs, online reporters, etc.).

Interactive seminars and program will be organized during the project.

The members of the groups will develop their skills as responsible citizens playing an active role in peacebuilding and promotion of civil initiatives.

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