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Presidential Spokeswoman tells who impressed Sooronbai Jeenbekov

The President was impressed by the careful attitude of the youth towards the state flag of Kyrgyzstan. Presidential spokeswoman Tolgonai Stamalieva told news agency.

«Such actions inspire, motivate for good deeds. I want to work and overcome difficulties for the sake of such people,» Tolgonai Stamalieva cited the head of state.

Recall, stormy wind began last night in Bishkek. The national flag, installed on the central Ala-Too square, was blown away by gusts of the wind. Young people rushed, took the national symbol of the country up, carefully folding it.

A resident of Bishkek Azamat Zhanaliev has been standing all night long (since midnight) on Ala-Too Square with the national flag brought from home, because the state flag was blown away by the storm.

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