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American IBM may develop and implement Taza koom program

The Government of Kyrgyzstan and the US company IBM Eastern Europe / Asia signed a memorandum on joint development and implementation of the roadmap and management system for the national Taza Coom 2040 program for 2017-2025, the presidential press service reported.

The document was signed by Chairman of the State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications Bakyt Shamshembiev and Director for State Programs and Business Development of IBM Eastern Europe / Asia Oleg Byakhov.

The Memorandum confirms the role of IBM as the main technical consultant for Kyrgyzstan in the development of the Taza Coom program.

Chief of the President’s Office Sapar Isakov, who attended the signing of the document, expressed gratitude to the company for the support.

"For us it is very important. We are grateful to our partners that IBM is right next to us in the time that is responsible for the country. I think this cooperation will significantly help in the implementation of the Taza Coom project," said Isakov.

IBM East Europe / Asia CEO Andrei Filatov, in turn, stressed that the signed memorandum shows the willingness and commitment of IBM in supporting the digital transformation project.

"And we look with great hope at the implementation of this program. The company is ready to provide assistance and take an active part in the program," Filatov said.

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