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Death toll rose to 37 as a result of the plane crash in Kyrgyzstan

Death toll rose to 37 as a result of the plane crash in Kyrgyzstan. According to latest data, 37 people were killed, including 3 pilots, Minister of Emergency Situations Kubatbek Boronov told Kabar Agency.

He said that bodies of only 3 members of the crew are found.

"We will find out whether there was the fourth pilot on board and if so, we continue his searching. In addition, the remaining 34 bodies are citizens of Kyrgyzstan. Previously found body parts belong to five citizens. One body still remains unidentified, relatives have not yet arrived at the morgue," Boronov said.

He also added that rescue-search work will be continued today.

"Two groups of Turkish companies have already arrived in Kyrgyzstan to investigate. The International Aviation Committee specialists will arrive tonight," Kubatbek Boronov said.

Meanwhile, the Turkish company says that there were four pilots on board. Thus, commander pilot Ibrahim Gyurdzhan Dirandzhy, copilot Kazim Ondyul, an expert on loading Melih Aslan and flight technician Ihsan Koca.

Recall that yesterday, on January 16 at 7.17 Bishkek time Boeing 747-400 fell into the village Villa-Suu. The plane was heading from Hong Kong-Bishkek-Istanbul. At the airport "Manas" Boeing had to stop to refuel.

The cargo plane Boeing 747 of Turkish ACT airlines crashed on Monday at 7.18 am in the village of Dacha-Suu in Chui oblast of Kyrgyzstan destroying more than 20 houses.

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