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First children's hospice opens in Bishkek

First children's hospice opens in Bishkek

First hospice in Bishkek opened with the help from the government on December 19. Bishkek mayor Albek Ibraimov, president of public fund “Helping is easy” Dinara Alyaeva, staff of tuberculosis hospital, and others took part in the opening ceremony.

First children's hospice is housed by former children's tuberculosis hospital in Bishkek. The latter was liquidated due to decrease in children with tuberculosis requiring hospitalization and in the view of optimizing anti-tuberculosis service of Bishkek.

Total of 3 million soms were expended to refurbish and open the children's hospice. To cover these costs Kyrgyz president contributed 1.7 million soms and donors contributed 1.3 million soms, according to Bishkek mayor. “In the future we want for this building's rent to be 100% paid out from the city budget,” said Ibraimov.

Each patient in the hospital should receive physical and psychological comfort, according to Alyaeva. “Physical comfort is achieved through provision of conditions as close as possible to conditions at home. Provision of psychological comfort is assured through principle of individual approach to each hospitalized,” noted Alyaeva.

The hospice is 500 square meters and can host up to six children.

“A child can stay at the hospice for 21 days, according to the rules of the hospice. The hospice has three medical staff, also it has an office to train specialists on palliative care. Psychologist, pediatric oncologist and others will work in our team,” added Alyaeva.

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