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KICB financed for the first time introduced drip irrigation system of planting in Erkindik boulevard

KICB allocated KGS 250 000 to installation of the drip irrigation system of planting in Erkindik boulevard in Bishkek and purchase of lawn mowers for grass on the lawns of the boulevard. The drip irrigation system was installed in Erkindik Boulevard on about 1 hectare. Owing to this system, water goes directly to roots of the rosary-beds ensuring constant moisture of the root system. Water in this watering system goes individually to the roots of each plant, thus, the quantity of water going to each bed can be adjusted individually in each metering dipper. Thus, drip irrigation enables to save irrigation water significantly creating more effective watering. The special four-chamber hoses made in Turkey, which have special holes each 20 sm, where water goes to the plants, were bought for installation of the irrigation system.

«Introduction of such system visually demonstrates transition to new technologies of planting irrigation. In addition, water for irrigation of the plants is spent four times less. Water is provided pointwise without losses as it was before. I would like to express my gratitude to KICB bank for provided financial support in installation of the drip irrigation system», - said Kubanychbek Kulmatov, the Mayor of Bishkek city.

Over the last years, the boulevard significantly changed due to financial investments of the Bank into improvement of the boulevard. For this period, the Bank invested over KGS 3 million into renovation of the cable system of electric lightening in the boulevard from the railway station to Chui avenue; unbreakable lampshades were brought and installed; energy-saving lamps were installed; new litter bins were installed; benches and, of course, beautiful arbors were reconstructed protecting from the sun and rain that in their strength and reliability can serve for 40 years.

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