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Atambayev thanked the Moscow region administration for opening the monument to D. Shopokov in Volokolamsk

Moscow, May 8 / Kabar /. President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev thanked the administration of the Moscow region for the opening of a memorial bust of the hero of Panfilov, Hero of the Soviet Union Duishonkul Shopokov in Volokolamsk.

President Atambayev has arrived in Moscow on Thursday to attend a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, an informal meeting of leaders of the CIS member states. After that he has visited Volokolamsk, where, together with head of the Moscow region in Volokolamsk Andrei Vorobyov opened the bust of the hero of Panfilov Duyshonkul Shopokov.

I am very grateful to you, thank you for conducting such a ceremony, and, of course, a low bow to those who died on the battlefield, the eternal memory and a low bow to those who did not live to this day. I bow to those who are with us today - veterans, home front workers, long life, said Atambayev.

Duishenkul Shopokov was called up for the army following the outbreak of hostilities in June 1941, when German forces attacked the Soviet Union. At the end of August 1941, he became a Private in the 316th Infantry Division.

He took part in the action near the Volokolamsk highway outside Moscow, defending the approaches to the capital from the advancing German forces in November 1941. One of the 28 Panfilovitz who lost their lives in an onslaught by 50 enemy tanks passing Dubosekovo – destroying 18 of them.

For their valour, courage, heroism July 21, 1942 Duyshenkul Shopokov and his compatriots were posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

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