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Trade turnover between Kyrgyzstan, South Korea reaches $200 mln in 2014

Trade turnover between Kyrgyzstan and South Korea made $200 million in 2014, the Korean Ambassador said on March 19 during a briefing for journalists upon completion of his diplomatic mission in the country.

Bilateral economic relations are developing dynamically, Kim Chang Gyu believes.

“You have low costs for electricity and water, and high human resource level. This is an important aspect of cooperation between the two countries and attraction of Korean investors. Soon Kyrgyzstan will join the Customs Union and open a wider market, which will provide an increase in foreign investors in Kyrgyzstan,” he continued.

The Ambassador also noticed that the total investment from Korea in Kyrgyzstan reached $170 million.

“Taking into account the huge cooperation potential, these figures are far from the goal towards which we are moving. I think that we will help ensure Kyrgyzstan to export more goods to Korea,” the envoy concluded.

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