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Belarus police detains Aibek Abdrazakov suspected in Anapiyayev's murder

The Belarus police has detained Aibek Abdrazakov, suspected in murder of Anapiyayev, to clarify the information given by the witness of the murder, lawyer Kairat Zagibayev said at a press conference in Bishkek on February 26.

Belarus policemen conducted an investigation, during which they detained Aibek Abdrazakov, who is a person of Janysh Bakiyev's circle. He has a passport of Kazakh citizen with a fake name. Now the detainee is being questioned.

It has been established that Abdrazakov also has registered Russian passport of citizen Aidin Adylov.

The lawyer is confident that the Belarusian authorities will require evidence from the witness of the murder Guljigit Abilazizov. "According to our law, the extradition of our citizens is not allowed. My client will stay in Kyrgyzstan,” he said.

"Belarusian police receive information about Guljigit's involvement in the murder,” the lawyer noted,

Earlier, Guljigit Abilazizov said he was a witness of the murder. During the testimony he identified three citizens who, according to his version, could commit the murder: the former President's brother and his entourage: Aibek Abdrazakov and Rustam Sayduyev.

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