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Suspect in murder of Almanbet Anapiyayev reportedly arrested in Minsk

A suspect in the murder of Almanbet Anapiyayev was arrested in Minsk by the Belarusian law enforcers, Anapiyayev's lawyer Jyrgalbek Babayev told AKIpress on February 24.

The detainee is Guljigit A., 26. A source in the Interior Ministry, however, told AKIpress that the man was detained by the law enforcement agencies of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek.

Official confirmation of the statement is being awaited now.

Guljigit A., according to the police, is a confidant of Anapiyayev and used to serve as his bodyguard. In recent years, he stayed close.

At the moment, the investigation develops different versions, including the young man's involvement in the murder or witnessing.

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