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Xinjiang University suggested to conduct study of Kyrgyz epic of Manas

Xinjiang University, one of the major universities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China, was suggested to conduct a study of the Kyrgyz epic of Manas.

Chairman of the parliamentary committee on education, science, culture and sports Kanybek Osmonaliyev met with a delegation of the Chinese educational institution last week, the press service of the Parliament reported.

“China has published Jusup Mamai's version of the epic, while there are many more different versions that are awaiting publication. I am ready to take on organizational matters with the Kyrgyz side,” the MP said.

The delegation agreed with the proposal.

The sides also exchanged views on cooperation in education sector between the two countries, as well as on strengthening of regional cooperation between their higher schools. Osmonaliyev particularly called for strengthening cooperation in the sector in order to develop joint scientific projects.

“Since the value of Chinese language is increasing, the youth of Kyrgyzstan seeks to learn it. They study Chinese now, and language schools are being opened. The number of graduates from Chinese universities is growing too. It is necessary to support these progressive initiatives,” the MP believes.

The delegates spoke about the ongoing talks on the exchange of students and teachers, and topics of joint researches in the cultural sphere.

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