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Detained imam has recruited local residents to participate in Syrian hostilties – Kara-Suu residents

10 citizens of Kara-Suu district applied to the police on the matter of the activities of imam, who was detained in Kara-Suu district of Osh region on suspicion of extremism propaganda, the law enforcement sources reported on February 11 during a press conference in Osh.

In their statements, residents indicated that the imam of the mosque have recruited their children to participate in military events in Syria. "Today, only 10 people have applied to the police, the others are afraid to do so. In addition, the partners of the imam, who were helping him to implement his extremist activity, were identified,” the source said.

An imam of local mosque was detained in Kara-Suu district on suspicion of extremism on February 9, a representative of Osh law enforcement agencies reported.

The imam was arrested on suspicion of calling for the construction of the Caliphate and the dissemination of extremist appeals to participate in hostilities in Syria a few days ago.

The search was conducted in the detainee's house, where materials and literature on extremism was found. This literature was sent to the theological expertise. In total, the police examined 14 locations.

The imam was using Internet and his cell phone to spread extremist messages.

The situation in the Kara-Suu district is stable, according to the law enforcement representative.

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