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Iran ready to assist Kyrgyzstan to get out of transport dead end via railway construction

Iran expressed willingness to assist Kyrgyzstan in construction and design of transport infrastructure. An intergovernmental commission may be created in this regard.

The desire was announced by Chairman of the Iran – Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Friendship Group Ali Kandi at the press conference in Bishkek last week.

Since Kyrgyzstan, he noted, has no access to the sea, the Iran-Afghanistan-Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan-China railway could help the country to break the deadlock.

He listed several advantages of the project, including Kyrgyzstan's opportunity to export its goods to other countries.

Ali Kandi promised that the Iranian Parliament will defend this idea since the two countries are actively engaged in trade.

“It is necessary to organize a Bishkek-Tehran flight, and these mutual visits will help improve relations between our businessmen,” he added.

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