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The first video cameras may appear on Osh and Bishkek roads in autumn

"The first video cameras on the roads of the cities of Osh and Bishkek, which will record the traffic violations may appear in autumn," Deputy Chief of Information Centre, Ministry of Internal Affairs, colonel of militia Vladimir Mazharov said today at a press conference.

According to him, a tender was conducted on 27 January this year to determine the company that will implement the project "Safe City". "Five companies took part in tender. Among them, "Stilsoft Bishkek" became the winner. This tender was held in accordance with the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic. Currently, we form a team of specialists to meet with the team, which won the tender. The parties must sign the agreement. At the expiration of 60 days after the signing the agreement, implementation of the project "Safe City" will be started. I hope that this project will be completed this year and the first cameras in our streets will appear in autumn," said Mazharov.

He also noted that Stilsoft Bishkek will invest in this project $ 62 million.

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