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Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights in the KR is held in Geneva

On 19 - 23 January of the current year in of Geneva as part of the 21st session of the Working Group of the UN Council on Human Rights (UNHRC) the Universal Periodic Review of the Kyrgyz Republic on human rights in the country is held.

The Kyrgyz delegation headed by Vice Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic A. Mamataliev informed the UN Human Rights Council on reforms in the field of promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Kyrgyzstan, as well as a significant increase in transparency of government activities.

In the framework of dialogue delegations of the 74 states appreciated the progress of Kyrgyzstan in the development of legislative, judicial, administrative and other measures for the protection of human rights. There were also specific recommendations on improving work regarding the protection of human rights.

Kyrgyzstan presented its position on the voiced recommendations. Out of 196 recommendations, the Kyrgyz Republic took 139, 29 - took to the response, 28 - rejected. At the same time Kyrgyzstan proceeded from the fact that all the proposals will be in the field of view of the country's government.

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