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First “Biblio-nanny" center opens in Bishek library

Bishkek сity library opened the Biblio-nanny pilot project on the initiative of the library's team and with support of the mayor's office in Bishkek.

The opening was attended by MPs Almaz Kenenbayev and Anarbek Sarymsakov.

Director of the library Kulsaira Dandybayeva thanked everyone for their support to the initiative.

"This project was planned long ago, in July 2014. Today we are opening the Biblio-nanny pilot project. We also plan to open similar centers in other libraries of the capital. This is great for those, who have children, who do not attend kindergartens. Children may spend up to 3 hours per day in the library. Employees of the library with great experience will take care of the children," Dandybayeva said.

It is a free service. The child will practice reading, drawing, modelling, and watch cartoons.

"We are very pleased that we have opened such service. I will also use the service for my children. It will be really helpful for their development," MP Almaz Kenenbayev noted.

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