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Government seeks IFC, ADB revision of law on public-private partnership

The government of Kyrgyzstan seeks help from IFC and the Asian Development Bank to analyze legislation on public-private partnership, Economy Minister Temir Sariyev told an IFC forum on PPP on January 21 in Bishkek.

He said that there are many subjective and objective reasons why until today projects on PPP have not worked in Kyrgyzstan.

He then named the lack of experience, lack of legal knowledge in local and public authorities, as well as lack of actions from both businesses and governments as the main reasons why the sphere is not developed in the country.

Way more significant reason is the lack of legislative framework for the PPP development. “We've made amendments and changes into 13 laws, but a year has passed since then and here we are again waiting for someone to do something,” said the Minister.

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