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Labor Minister, GIZ Representative discuss cooperation plans for 2015

Minister of Labor, Migration and Youth Aibek Azyrankulov met with the Program Coordinator of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), Agnes Wollschläger on January 19.

The sides discussed the results of joint work in 2014, further cooperation and plans for 2015. In particular, they covered the program on vocational training and employment promotion, which has begun in January 2014 and will run until December 2016.

Agnes Wollschläger briefed the Minister about the work done to equip the territorial units of the Labor Ministry in the regions and towns with office equipment and furniture worth more than 18 million som ($298.5 thousand).

In turn, Minister Azyrankulov thanked the GIZ Representative for aid and stressed the importance of cooperation between the parties.

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