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Commonwealth Cup 2015: Kyrgyzstan beats Russia 2-1, reaches quarterfinals for the first time ever

Kyrgyzstan's youth football team (U-21) managed to reach the quarterfinals of the Commonwealth Cup for the first time ever.

In the final match of the group round on January 19, the Kyrgyz team played against Russia and achieved the victory. By the end of the first half, Bakhtiar Duishobekov opened the scoring, while the Akram Umarov's penalty at the beginning of the second half doubled the score.

The Russians managed to play back one goal though.

The final score of the match 2-1 allowed the team of Kyrgyzstan to reach the playoffs with the first place in Group B. The Russian team is ranked the second, and may also participate in the quarterfinals.

Results of the 3rd round on January 19 go as follows:

Moldova vs. Latvia 1-1

Russia vs. Kyrgyzstan 1-2

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