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Parliament offers to transfer third of pastures' revenues to local budgets

During the plenary session on January 14, the Parliament considered amendments to the law on local self-government and pastures.

The pasture area takes 9,000,000 hectares, out of which 37% of land is degraded, one of the bill initiators MP Mirlan Bakirov said.

"After the law on pastures had been approved in 2009, much attention has been paid to the funds that come from their use. But the law still needs to be amended. To date, 37% of pastures lands are degraded. We propose to increase the role of local government in the process of pastures management. It is proposed that the 1/3 of the funds coming from the use of pastures should go to the local budgets. If the pastures degrade, it will be responsibility of the local governments," the MP said.

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