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European Parliament includes discussion of Kyrgyz bill on homosexuality promotion in January session agenda

The European Parliament included discussion of the draft law on the promotion of homosexuality in Kyrgyzstan in the agenda of January session. The bill is currently being considered in Kyrgyz Parliament.

This issue will be discussed on January 15 during the plenary session on democracy and human rights in the world. The members of the European Parliament will also discuss the verdict for Alexei Navalny in Russia and the situation in Pakistan in light of the recent terrorist attack in school.

The bill suggesting criminal sanctions for popularization of homosexuality was published on the website of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan for public discussion on March 26.

According to the explanatory note to the bill, it is aimed to protect traditional family, human, moral and historic values of the Kyrgyz society via restriction of spread of information shaping positive attitude to non-traditional forms of sexual relations.

Restriction of spread of materials (photo, video, text) explicitly or implicitly calling for non-traditional sexual relations, restriction of organization of or participation in peaceful assemblies aiming to inform general public about any forms of non-traditional sexual relations and positions on them are named as objectives of the bill.

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