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Osh resident grows smallest flower in the world

Bolot Karimov, resident of Osh City, is engaged in growing of the smallest flower in the world.

It is Wolffia arrhiza, a species of flowering plant known by the common names spotless watermeal and rootless duckweed, belonging to the Araceae, a family rich in water-loving species.

Karimov said that he had brought the flower in 1998 from Tashkent. It is considered as a tropical plant and is studied by students of the Faculty of Natural Science at the university in Osh.

“I took special courses to grow Wolffia. First, I failed to grow the plant but now I learned to take care of it in our conditions,” the florist noticed.

Indeed, Wolffia arrhiza is the smallest vascular plant on Earth. It is native to Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia, and it is present in other parts of the world as a naturalized species. It is an aquatic plant which grows in quiet water bodies such as ponds. The green part of the plant, the frond, is a sphere measuring approximately one millimeter wide but with a flat top that floats at the water's surface. It has a few parallel rows of stomata. There is no root. The plant produces a minute flower fully equipped with one stamen and one pistil.

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