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Ton district governor thanks Bishkek for humanitarian aid

Governor of Ton district, Issyk-Kul region Bakyt Ryspayev sent a letter of appreciation to head of Oktyabrsk district administration Bolot Alymkulov for help and support to victims of the earthquake that occurred in the fall of 2014, the press service of Bishkek mayor's office reported on January 12.

In a letter, the governor expressed gratitude to the city of Bishkek on behalf of all the residents of Ton district.

Humanitarian aid is being distributed to the needy people under the strict supervision of a specially created commission, Ryspayev said.

The collection of humanitarian aid for victims of the earthquake in Issyk-Kul region was organized in November. "Thanks to the responsiveness of Bishkek residents, the humanitarian aid has been collected in a short time and sent to the most affected by the disaster regions," the statement concluded.

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