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Health Ministry urges citizens to get vaccinated against measles

Health Ministry urges citizens of Kyrgyzstan to get vaccinated against measles.

Especially it is important to protect children from this desease, according to the Ministry. "If you have not vaccinated your child against measles, then do it now. Vaccinations are free of charge in all residence place clinics," the statement said.

Measles is an airborne disease that is spread through respiration (contact with fluids from an infected person's nose and mouth, either directly or through aerosol transmission via coughing or sneezing). The virus is highly contagious—90% of people without immunity sharing living space with an infected person will catch it. An asymptomatic incubation period occurs nine to twelve days from initial exposure. The period of infectivity has not been definitively established, some saying it lasts from two to four days prior, until two to five days following the onset of the rash (i.e., four to nine days infectivity in total), whereas others say it lasts from two to four days prior until the complete disappearance of the rash. The rash usually appears between two and three days after the onset of illness.

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