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Knowledge exchange program discussed in Bishkek

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance of South Korea, Asia-Pacific Research Center of Hanyang University, and the Center for International Economic Studies in collaboration with the National Institute for Strategic Studies of Kyrgyzstan and the Ministry of Economic Affairs started to implement an integrated knowledge-sharing program project for the specific knowledge and experience exchange between Korea and its partner countries.

The talks are held on December 23-29, the press service of National Institute reported.

"Over the past few years, Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance has played a significant role in the development of domestic economy and creation of new driving forces. The Ministry saw the need to share their experience with partner countries. Following the idea, the Ministry organized the knowledge-sharing program,” the statement said.

The knowledge-sharing program focuses on the areas, where Korea has succeeded in, and is ready to share its experience with the partner-countries. These areas include the strategy of socio-economic development, the management of the economic crisis, financial services, infrastructure development, and others, press service said.

Following the meeting, the Korea delegation will select Kyrgyz experts, who will participate in development of the knowledge exchange program.

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