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Kyrgyz Government executes one third of Parliament's resolutions in 2014

The Government of Kyrgyzstan announced results of their activities in the fields of lawmaking and enforcement of the Parliament's resolutions for 2014, the press service of the Government said on December 25.

“In 2014, the Parliament considered 144 bills at the initiative of the Government; 62 of them were approved, while the President subsequently signed 59 bills. 37 bills and agreements passed the procedure of international ratification,” the statement said.

At the same time, the Government received 45 resolutions of the Parliament for execution. 13 of them have been completed, while 32 decisions are still being executed.

In addition, the Government considered and answered 18 requests from the parliamentary factions. The remaining 11 requests are being considered.

Also, data on 105 decisions of the parliamentary committees have been submitted, and 42 decisions are being studied.

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